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Attention Star Wars Fans!

If your as big of a star wars fan as I am, then this will get your seriously fired up!


Star wars "The Clone Wars" is by far one of my favorite story arcs in all of the Star Wars Universe. As a kid growing up watching the Episode IV - A New Hope, and only having a nod to the past that there was a possibility of our hero's not only being hero's in the first story in which we are introduced to them, but being connected to past stories in which they were also legendary in their hero status, was something I thought I would never get to see come to the screen in my lifetime. Now as a father, my two boys are just as excited about Star Wars as I am, and the root of this stems from "The Clone Wars".

I took my two boys out trick or treating this year to a school hosted event. My oldest was planning for more than 6 months to dress up as his favorite of all the clones CT-5555 AKA Fives and really wanted his little brother to be Yoda - perfect for a two year old. I helped him build out custom clone armor for the costume. While we were certainly over the top for the run of the mill costume for a 6 year old, we were still not on Comic Con status, however the costume turned out quite good and I was proud of my little storm trooper, his brother on the other hand wasn't as into dressing up as he was, and he was a spider rather than Yoda. My two year old stole the show, because hes little and cute, but the hard core fans out there knew what was up with CT-5555.

While we were trick or treating, one of the stops, the man hosting the trick or treat booth was non other than a very well done Obi-Wan Kenobi (Comic Con Quality), who recognized CT-5555 immediately. He stopped to drop some treats in the basket for his favorite clone and said, "You Know the Clone Wars are Coming Back", for a moment we thought that maybe, this was an obscure movie reference that only those who followed the cult of Star Wars would understand, however.....he was right, the clone wars were coming back, and in exactly the way we wanted. My oldest son and I watched the video together over and over and discussing what we think may be to come from finishing off this extremely exciting tale.

Check out the trailer from the Star Wars Fan Site. There is a source link to the material that the bottom of this page!



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